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The status, needs, aspirations, and views of the 1.4 million Palestinians in Israel are little known or considered in development of local and international policy. Mada aims to fill this information gap, draw the attention of policy makers, and generate informed discussion by and about this much overlooked, yet critical, population.

Jadal Magazine

As its name “dialectical discussions” implies, Jadal on-line magazine presents multiple views capturing a broad range of perspectives within the community and covers major issues by placing them within their historical and political contexts. It invites Arab, Jewish, and other scholars as well as political and community leaders to present new insights and contextualize issues in the broader space of historical and future relations among the Palestinians in Israel, other Palestinian communities, Israelis, and the Israeli state.

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Survey Research Unit

Mada’s Survey Research Unit (SRU) provides data and analyses on Palestinian public opinion in Israel for the purposes of research, advocacy, public discussion, and the development of public policy based on the needs of the community. It conducts surveys in conjunction with Mada’s research projects, as well as single-issue surveys and commissioned surveys. The SRU has also published two comprehensive annual surveys.

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Electronic Publications

Mada provides electronic publications on Palestinians in Israel to fill the crucial information gap about this population, provide resources for scholars, civil society, and policy-makers, and generate informed public discussion.  Click on the documents below to access them.

Haifa Declaration (PDF)Palestinians in Israel: Readings in History, Politics, and Society (PDF: E-book)


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